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Hi! Writers, the community welcomes voices from many fields to write to us on our premier startup platform.

We provide writers and beginners a great opportunity to gain broad recognition and a platform to share beginner stories and content. You can add valuable content to our reputable homepage at a competitive price. Of course, quality over quantity is the top priority and we will never do any harm.

What should I follow when “writing to us”?

Unique and Unique Content

People are always looking for new stories and ideas. Helps improve reading and communication. So we’re always looking for something unique and ready to use. This helps us stand out from the rest. If you have an idea or story like this, please bring your typewriter keyboard and write it down for us.

Sponsored Post

Yes, we accept competitive sponsored posts from companies looking to promote great content while raising awareness. It’s not the same as your company’s ad spend, but it helps build strong brand awareness among readers. For example, if a company wants to share their entrepreneurial journey from startup to peak, share how they have grown and faced obstacles and challenges on the road to success.

We only accept paid links to guest posts or supported posts at competitive rates. to know more information.

Please contact us using the form at the end of this page.

What do you want to publish?

  • too much advertising

If you want to write to us, always remember that guest posts are a way to show your readers your knowledge and experience in the field. These are not platforms for over-promoting services, offers or businesses. Note that our readers turn to us for success stories, tips, and advice on how to start and succeed in business.

  • Published content

Articles already published on this site have not yet been published. Even if you make some changes to it. We only accept unique and original merchandise.

  • duplicate content

This site does not accept copied or plagiarized content. This is a serious violation of Google’s policy and your account may be permanently disabled and banned.

  • misunderstood information

Do not include false information or data in the content. You must provide references, relevant credits, and cite the source of the article. Always use reliable information from reputable websites and sources, and be sure to give it appropriate trust.

Instructions for submitting articles

Choose a topic: Before submitting an article scope, please read the article carefully and come up with three unique content ideas that are great for writing a well-researched and detailed article.

Specify a topic: After submitting a proposal, choose a topic from the proposal, specify it, and write it.

Editors are encouraged to apply as Google Docs so they can provide direct feedback and guidance on their builds.

Word Limit: Only articles of 600 words or more are allowed.

Subtitle format: Provide appropriate title, H1 and H2 tags as needed.

Add Links: Add 1-2 external links

No plagiarism: 100% plagiarism free

Author: You can submit a personal photo and bio of the author.

Content Overview: Provides an overview of the content and provides an overview as needed.

Authorization time: As this is a supported post, critical suggestions will be approved and you will be notified by email within 1-2 business days.

Comments: Once a post has been published, no modifications are allowed, and changes can be made from the start if desired.

If all goes well, we will publish the article and email you a link to the article within a week.

Who do you allow to publish?

We assume only individual writers, beginners, professional writers, no freelancers writing for us. We prefer content from deeply experienced bloggers, startup founders, and creators to the basics of business, entrepreneurship or marketing.

Your text should show that you can present unique and ingenious scenes based on real-world experience. Posts that provide advice, lessons learned, starters, tactics, success stories, and more.

What is a guest post or “write to us”? What are the benefits?

Guest posts in simple terms can be understood as content writing for other companies’ websites. On many sites, authors invite and approve guest posts or sponsorships. They even have a special guest post called “Write to us”. In most cases, guest bloggers and writers visit sites in the same location or business to visit.

  • High return traffic
  • Increased access to land on site
  • Increase brand awareness and awareness
  • And help build connectionswithin the same business

Keep in mind that guest blogs and “write to us” or sponsored posts will be beneficial not only to the author, but also to the host site vnarrator content.

Why are guest roles important to your business?

“Write to us” or guest posts is one of the most popular search engine optimization strategies that every company has long used. It offers many benefits to all types of businesses. It will help you to provide a place to showcase your knowledge and valuable ideas and knowledge and allow you to gain a foothold as an authority in your market. Helps build relationships with market leaders and increase audiences.

It also provides a convenient platform for future writers and beginners to grow and settle in the entire market.

What are you looking for! Write to us today.

Please contact us using the checkout form below. Get your feedback today.
Please contact us only for supported posts. Please contact us for prices.

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